Our goal is simple: Leverage web technology to accomplish your business/life goals.

It can be overwhelming to understand all the new ways in which the internet is changing how we do business,  live, and communicate.

By combining artistic ability, a deep technical understanding, and the ability to engineer sites which are easy to maintain and express your message, Bracia provides digital solutions that range from complex data-heavy web applications for enterprise clients like SunEdison, to simple, bespoke websites for individuals.

Bracia's experience in web design, development, and the arts allows us to act as a bridge between technology and people; helping you focus on your core mission by bringing it to life on the internet.

We start with your goals to develop a plan for the functionality and design. With a clearly defined purpose for why you want a website, it's easy to get all the pieces in place from the get-go and the effectiveness our collaboration dramatically increases.

Ready to make your website work for you? Let's collaborate.


  • Web Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • WordPress Support
  • Mobile Friendly/Responsive Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Training/Teaching

Since 2005

Bracia (brah-see-a) was founded in 2005 by two brothers, Ben and Stefan Klocek, with the purpose of collaborating on projects and with people who were interested in making a positive impact. Bracia comes from the Polish word for brothers or brethren. Stefan now works for Google doing User Experience Design in Sunnyvale, and Ben has continued working under the Bracia name with his wife Jaime and a small team of associates, and collaborates with the likes of Zack Darling Creative Associates and The Engine is Red in Sonoma County.

About Ben Klocek

Intrigued by creating something from nothing, I started building websites back in the days of GeoCities (c.1994). My first site was a single page that used HTML and Flash movies to teach juggling, a passion of mine.

While in college at Sonoma State University, I was offered a job as a graphic designer, and quickly became the go-to guy for anything related to "getting this darn computer to do what I want". While creating hundreds of print pieces (from posters to mousepads), I was asked to build many websites for the college.

A brief stint at Greenfield Graphics, a design firm headed by Zack Darling in Santa Rosa, honed my skills to become Web Creative Director for Meyer Sound in Berkeley.

A few years in the corporate world showed me that I wanted to bring my expertise to projects closer to my heart. Starting Bracia allowed me to choose who and what I wanted to work with/on. So I'm excited to be in this field, working with the ideas and businesses that will create the world I want my children to grow up in.

Quick Facts/Quirks:

  • I was raised with a strong work ethic, which basically means when I say I'll do something, I do it.
  • Code that works AND reads well is better than code that just works.
  • I believe content should be developed before design.
  • Music should be made at least a few times a week. Whistling, guitar, singing all work for me.
  • I have between 3-8 plants I'm propagating on my window sill at any given time.
  • I have to be out in nature (hiking, backpacking, exploring, or just walking) at least a few times a week, or I get a little crazy.

About Jaime Jean Klocek

“Jean” is actually part of my last name, not my first or middle. Even so, you can call me “Jaime Jean” as many people do.

I support Bracia as the Operations Manager, so you are likely to get an email or call from me at some point. I help with client communications, project scheduling, accounts payable/receivable, and business management.

Prior to joining Bracia in 2007, I worked at Right Management in the San Francisco office as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant, and have 17 years experience in assisting with the administrative side of business.

I am a Work-at-Home-Mom, so when I am not in a meeting with Ben, I’m with our 6 and 9 year old daughters, singing our girls through our days in our Waldorf-inspired family life. I think of myself as a kitchen healer, so I am often found in the kitchen preparing "weird" food (my current favorite creation is Turmeric Ginger Honey Bomb and I just started to experiment with Water Kefir). If I am not in the kitchen, then I am in the garden with the girls, or spending time with my sweet community of friends and family.