Quality always trumps quantity.

The web lives and breathes content. As such the content on your site should receive the kings portion when it comes to attention. Design is there to support your content, because without good content, design is just decorating.

Unfortunately, it’s usually left to the last and pushed out with typos, bad grammar and in first draft form. The content on your site is how your visitors know you! Take a little time. Craft content knowing that this is your brand, your online value. Content that has soul and substance keeps visitors (and search engines… more on that in another article) coming back.

That said, good content is hard! Having a content strategy in place can really help.¬†Content strategy is the analysis, creation, publication, and maintenance of useful, appropriate and current content, developed to meet particular goals. In short, when you put something up on your site, make sure it is high quality, you know who it’s for and why you posted it.

The points below, should be considered for every page of the site:

  • Audience: Who are you trying to attract?
  • Primary Message: What is the primary message?
  • Audience Specific Message(s): Is there an audience specific message? Are there audience specific trigger/key words?
  • Purpose of Page: What is the business objective the page is aligned with?
  • Style and Tone Notes: What tone and voice is appropriate?
  • Call(s) to Action: What you want visitors to do.
    (credit lofwebdesign.com)

If you are unsure of any of the points above, consider whether you should be creating the page at all. Fewer pages of all high quality content are much better than 1,000 pages of dull drivel. What would you want to read?

Let me know when you need help with your content!

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