Presentation: Sustainable Freelancing

No matter your specialty, as a freelancer looking to get work, you need to be able to manage your business, deliver for your customers, and find satisfaction in your chosen line of work so you can keep it up in the long-term.

The presentation will guide you through understanding your motivation for being a freelancer, how to use that to build a client roster that you love to work with, and tools to more effectively manage your time, projects, and your business.

A Walk


It’s not just the movement or the fresh air. There’s something deep that gets satisfied. After sitting at a desk all day, with my mind deep in the far corners of the web, a walk puts me right into the world of physical things. The infinite subtleties of light, texture, and smell are a relief.


How the Web Pro Gets Work: Marketing for Online Professionals

As a web industry professional, especially freelancer or independent, it’s challenging to promote yourself and get work done. This means you need to get focused and make the best of limited time. I will say this however: Pay yourself first. Don’t rush like crazy to hit a client deadline, only to find that once that job is done, your plate is empty. First thing every work day, do a little promoting, work on your marketing materials, do invoicing, whatever… just make sure it’s keeping you in business. (more…)

Using HTML5 Video

In order to deliver video to all devices (Desktop, mobile, tablet), that is not served from a 3rd party like Youtube or Vimeo, we need to use the HTML5 <video>  element.

The trouble is, Firefox and Safari/Chrome don’t quite agree when it comes to the file format for videos. In order to deliver video to Firefox 4+, Safari4+, Chome11+ and IE9+, we need 2 video formats (.mp4 and .ogg) and 2 video players (HTML5 and Flash). (more…)

Good Content Pays the Bills

Quality always trumps quantity.

The web lives and breathes content. As such the content on your site should receive the kings portion when it comes to attention. Design is there to support your content, because without good content, design is just decorating. (more…)

Understanding Your Users & Aligning Goals

Your website is created to satisfy your business goals. The goal may be simply creating awareness of your business, or more complex goals of generating revenue through online sales. The main purpose of understanding your website visitors is to create a site that satisfies both their goals and your goals.

You probably already have a clear idea about your business goals. Have your goals list handy, we’ll need it soon. (more…)